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Posted on 06/09/2021
Choosing the Right Neighborhood
Photo by Solis Images via Shutterstock While "the perfect neighborhood" means different things to different people, everyone can use the same process for narrowing down their options. Choosing the right neighborhood is an integral aspect of the buying process. You want an area that matches your needs for community, lifestyle, price range and more. If you're planning to...
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Posted on 03/17/2021
Tips for Handling Emergencies in the Home
Photo by Jan Mallander via Pixabay When you’re a new homeowner in a new community, you don’t always know how to handle unforeseen emergencies. Before that day arrives, take the time to learn your community so that a minor issue doesn’t become a major catastrophe. Handling Household Emergencies Whether it’s a burst pipe or a broken window, household...
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Posted on 01/20/2021
Visit Miami's Goombay Festival
Image by jcdonelson from Pixabay Coconut Grove is known for many things. Lush greenery, nice homes and lots of cool festivals. The Goombay Festival is no exception, giving locals and visitors a glimpse into the Bahamian life. One of the coolest things about South Florida is that you never stop learning new things. There so many cultures in...
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